Definitely Me

I’m not the very smart one,
but definitely no fool
I don’t really talk much,
still am not usually quiet
I’m not an immaculate,
and no i’m not a slob
I’m not usually in my room
and not at my work
No, i’m not impulsive,
and neither do i think much
Now i’m not always in-front those PC screens,
or do i go much on long walks
Really bad at chit-chat,
but i do enjoy long talks
I really hate the summer,
and no i’m not dancing in the rain
And usually in the winters,
i’m just scrunched up in my bed
I’m not completely dishonest
cause i’m not bad at lying
I’m definitely not perfect
and am too lazy to change
Certainly, i’m not who i’d hoped to be
I know i’m not that guy YET
and this is who i am
i’m definitelyme 😀


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