This morning, i woke up as my diary that loathes me

Dear human,

If that is even an appropriate greeting

but then again u always called me ‘diary’

never even bothered with my name

I am lenny- the notebook

I doubt that you even remember,

remember how you shared your stories

You filled me up with your words right between the lines, the way i love the most

Filled me from cover to cover with your stories and poems and scribbles about a piece of meat stuck between your teeth to your very first heartaches and tragedies.

Now you replaced me with someone new, just like she did with you, Ha-Ha.

I bet she’s the one with those covers of genuine leather and you probably call her ‘journal’ don’t you? You moron!

Using fancy words now, remember how

you wanted to be a ninja attending super secret missions with your brother after school or,

how you not only wanted to be like but become David Beckham. Ha fool.

But still i had a vision about the David Beckham- ninja version of you,

now i hardly even see you from under the dusty old text books on your bookshelf.

I am always hearing the same song on repeat but i don’t hear you singing.

I am not sure if it’s those ninja feet of yours but i don’t hear the sound of your footsteps sneak out of those doors when you leave for a smoke,

and I notice the flattened football hanging on the wall and still hope at least the David Beckham in you is kicking the beer cans into the dumpsters, perfectly.

I remember every story you’ve ever told and hate that you don’t even bother turning my pages anymore.

So have your time sharing those stories of smoke and beer cans with your ‘dear journal ‘ until she ends up just like me.

But trust me you are not that bad as i make you sound for what you did,

cause we aren’t even humans to begin with.


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