for a moment

Let us play outside
in bad weather
on a broken swing set
until the moment it falls off
not caring about who ever
says what ever
and swear at them
pretending we’re pirates
fighting against sailors
keeping us from the uncharted waters.

Let us smile
remembering the stupid things
we’ve said and done
and let our laughter echo
through all the cracks
of broken walls
until the day it falls apart.
Let us stare directly at the sun
before putting on our sun glasses
Let us be stubborn
take hate as a compliment
on being good.

Let us hold hands
pretending our parents can’t see us
hide from them inside the closet
or under the bed where
there are no monsters.
Let us share our
scars and stories
remembering the wounds that healed
and borrow words from each other
to write us a new one.
Let us fall in love with poetry
because it’s boring
and write a poem
just for the sake of writing.

Let us grow up for the sake of
wanting to grow up
when we were little,
become adults with childish powers
steal wine and learn to dance like idiots.
Let us enjoy the breath of fresh air
after sharing a cigarette.

Let us lie for the sake of not knowing the truth
pretend to hate each other if we cannot be together
or build ourselves a place
where we can be
so we could play our game where
we both stay away from the edge of the bed
forcing us closer together.

Let us laugh, cry, swim and fly and everything
that we want
together or apart
forever or just for a moment.


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