Maybe Magic

How do you un-hear a sound?
How does one un-learn a word?
What if we were not to know of love?
Maybe it would’ve been difficult
Maybe it would’ve been better, Continue reading


Moonpie metaphors

When i was a kid
There was a someone
Who called me ‘moon pie’
Because of my fair skin
And my soft cheeks
I am still the moon pie
With marks on my skin
And a warm smile on my face
Either wandering in space
Or in the kitchen
Orbiting my orbit because i have to
And stuffed with what they want
With a drakside that does not reflect light
And still a someone’s favorite.


for a moment

Let us play outside
in bad weather
on a broken swing set
until the moment it falls off Continue reading


Writing 201: Poetry, Day 2

Journey, Limerick, Alliteration

The Circus Town

To all the travelers-

From hitch hikers new in town
to that weird guy, the class clown,
the kids in the corners
to the three job jugglers. Continue reading


writing 201: Poetry, Day 1

Water, Haiku, Simile

a glass of whiskey

a drizzle at night, father’s

glasses with blood stains.


not our fault

The day we first met,
there were –
no sparks or background music
no instant connection,
just awkward silence. Continue reading